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Elastilon Underlay systems

WHAT IS Elastilon?

Elastilon® is a series of self-adhesive closed cell foam mats which creates a system for hardwood T&G floors to be installed as floating floors which has huge benefits: –

Elastilon® is the world’s first and the original invention of this method of installing T&G Hardwood floors.


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Elastilon® Is Highly Recommended With Great Benefits & Features

  • No Nails – No Glue
  • Over 97% of Elastilon® users would use it again and recommend to a friend
  • Can be installed over particle board – wood subfloors – Gypcrete – concrete – ceramic – vinyl tiles and sheeting
  • No messy glue clean ups
  • No VOC’s
  • In conjunction with a 6mil poly plastic – eliminates cupping & moisture failure over concrete
  • In conjunction with a 6mil poly plastic – for use on or below grade
  • Tested for sound reduction above and below (IIC-62 & STC-54)
  • Can be used with in-floor radiant heating up to 80 deg.F
  • No glue is the T&G, means repair work, like change a plank can be done
  • One can sand & finish floors installed on Elastilon®
  • Soft underfoot
  • Great shock absorption system for home gyms with Elastilon® Sport
  • Suitable for residential or commercial use
  • Great for DIY as well as professional installers
  • The Elastilon® system is a proven method of installation over 26 years through 30 countries
  • This method of installation forms part of the NWFA installation guidelines.

  • 100 Virgin PVC

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