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6 Super Important Questions to ask when investing in a laminate floor
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6 Super Important Questions to ask when investing in a laminate floor

Apr 8, 2024 | Vinyl Flooring, Laminate Flooring | 0 comments

1. Is this a Quality Laminate Floor?

Oh Yes! The Differences between inferior laminate flooring and the high quality laminate from KronoOriginal® become very clear when focussing especially on the design: a really good laminate floor not only feels comfortable but it looks very natural..

2. Can I lay a Laminate Floor onto a screed surface?

Yes, but with a caveat: the floor must be absolutely level, dry, clean and capable of bearing loads. Unevenness’s of more than three millimetres over a metre must be levelled and filled. A PE film must be used as a moisture barrier.

3. What should the Residual moisture of the screed be?

The screed should not exceed the following values for residual moisture in any instance:

Cement screed: with underfloor heating 1.8% CM; without underfloor heating 2% CM.

Anhydrite screed: with underfloor heating 0.3% CM; without underfloor heating 0.5% CM.

4. Will I need expansion joints when installing a laminate floor?

For installation surfaces with more than 8 metres in length or width, and for considerably angled rooms, expansion joints (at least 2 cm) are necessary. This allows the floor to respectively expand or contract during climatic changes.

Keep in mind when installing flooring through one room into another. In this case, the surfaces in the area of the door frame must be interrupted. Expansion joints can be properly masked with corresponding profiles. The movement gaps may not be filled with cables or other materials.

Krono Altitude
Krono Altitude

5. Can laminate floors be installed over hot water and modern electrical underfloor heating?

Please consult a trusted heating specialist regarding heating your floor until dry. He or she has the relevant skills and the necessary protocols. A surface temperature of 25 degrees Celsius is recommended; you should not exceed 28 degrees Celsius under any circumstances. You must remove old floor coverings.

6. What are some positive characteristics of a Laminate Floor?

  • Easy to clean – the cleaning of laminate is easy – it requires relatively little care.
  • Slip-resistant – A surface treatment has special structures that reduce the danger of slipping on the laminate floor even in damp conditions.
  • Allergy friendly – Krono-Original laminate has a sealed surface which dust and other allergy-causing substances cannot find any grip on. They can simply be vacuumed or wiped.
  • Sustainable – KronoOriginal® laminate consists of 90% wood from sustainable forestry and does not pose a risk to the indoor climate, thanks to its low-emission processing.
  • Simple and quick to lay – thanks to the KronoOriginal® click systems.
  • Natural surface – thanks to high-quality high pressure and authentic embossed structures, KronoOriginal® laminate flooring not only looks as if it were made of real wood, but it also feels that way.
  • Cost-effective – laminate is cheaper than a real wood flooring made of parquet.

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